When KnightNews.com revealed Tim Tebow proudly admitted he was a virgin, you made it one of our most clicked on stories — ever.

So, when we read about the latest reason Tim Tebow is grabbing headlines, this time for posing shirtless, we thought we should fill you in.


So, why is Tebow posing shirtless?

Is he hoping to make a quick buck since he decided not to go pro?

Nope. It’s because GQ asked him to — so the topless Tebow photos can be featured alongside an article entitled: “Does God have a Tim Tebow complex?”

So, are you sick of Tebow stealing all the spotlight? Or do you support all the hype he gets?

Vote above in our fun, non scientific poll.

And then let loose below:


  1. I lived in Gainesville for over 2 years…and moved to Orlando in May…I am a new UCF student…Please…Im trying to forget all that blue and orange fanacticism. Screw Tebow. Screw the Gators. Go KNIGHTS

  2. Orlando Sentinel covered it too, so did a lot of people. Disgusting how much attention he gets, but people keep clicking and watching Tebow I guess.

  3. If this was GatorNews I’d understand, but this is KnightNews, so why are we talking about someone from UF? Honestly, he’s just a football player, who cares. As I’ve said before, I’m disappointed when I see one of these stories headlining. Who cares if he’s a virgin or not? I want to see real news, not some gossiping on a football player at a school where they think they’re better than every other school in the state and nation. KnightNews should give a little more face time to stories that actually matter, like the founder of the National Institute for Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse saying that “Legal Age 21 has not worked”

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