Amplify Your Voice Logo provided by SGA

University of Central Florida Student Government Speaker of the Senate Josh Bolona has created a new initiative to better inform students and increase transparency.

The initiative, called “Amplify Your Voice,” is a monthly summary of the major events that are happening on campus and in SGA.


“This idea arose as we continued to notice the lack of input we were receiving and lack of SGA knowledge the student body has,” Bolona said.

With this new initiative, Bolona and the Senate hope to accomplish three things:

1. Give the entire student body the opportunity to voice their opinion
2. Sends updates on recent legislation that has been passed
3. Give general campus updates to ensure that the students are as informed as possible

This month’s “Amplify Your Voice” features the names of the UCF President Search Committee, details on the Downtown Campus, internal legislation, and many areas where SGA is asking for student feedback.

“Our ultimate goal is for you, the student body, to understand that if you ever have a concern, it is us who you can count on,” Bolona said.

To see the full summary, click here.