The SGA office on the Student Union's second floor. (Brett Bissell)

Student Government Presidential elections are about to start and candidates will be submitting their declaration of candidacy forms by next week.

Although no Declarations of Candidacy forms have been officially submitted, these are some names that are possibly running, according to our sources inside Student Government:

1. Josh Bolona and Jad Shalhoub will be running for the second year in a row. Last year Bolona lost to current Student Government President Nick Larkins by five percentage points of the vote. Currently Bolona serves as the Speaker of the Senate.

2.Brad Kuehler and Breon Clark will be making a run for the presidency. Currently, Kuehler is Larkins’ Chief of Staff and Clark is the current Diversity & Outreach Coordinator.

3. Karen Caudillo and Theressa Tong will be eyeing for the position. Currently, Caudlillo and Tong are both Senators representing the College of Sciences and Undergraduate Studies respectively. Along with Tong’s role as senator, she also serves as the Deputy Pro Tempore of Legislative Affairs

Knight News will continue to follow the elections and bring you complete coverage of each campaign.