UCF Budget Cuts Proposed at 35% – The 2nd Worst, After USF

The University of South Florida isn't the only state university facing a severe budget slashing from Tallahassee. KnightNews.com has learned the University of Central...

Blackstone LaunchPad Expands to UCF, Will Grant 1.4 Million to Students

Blackstone Charitable Foundation is expanding the Blackstone LaunchPad to the University of Central Florida with a three year, 1.4 million dollar grant. The Blackstone LaunchPad...

How to Find A Real Job on Craigslist

Finding a job in this economy is tough. And scammers and recruiters are taking full advantage of young job seekers. If you've been using any career hunting website, you know finding a good job is difficult. I've put together a list of the best rules to stick to for finding a real job on Craigslist.

UCF Named ‘Next Generation University’ by New America Foundation

Just over 50 years ago, Florida Technological University opened its doors to 2,000 students. Today, the University has grown to 60,000 students with 212...

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