Screenshot of petition.

A petition to allow the UCF Greek community to continue tailgating at Lake Claire is gaining steam and going viral on social media despite being formed on false grounds.

The petition claims that the UCF Recreation and Wellness center has banned all Greek Life from tailgating at the lake — their designated tailgate area.


But Knight News learned from SGA President Kyler Gray that greek life is not banned from the recreation area of Claire.

According to the RWC website, the grass area of Lake Claire is closed indefinitely but no other details have been offered.

The petition was posted online around noon on Wednesday and has amassed nearly 2,000 signatures in three hours — 500 short of its goal.

In the petition’s bio, John Wiechart — the creator of the petition — wrote that UCF Greek Life has been discriminated by UCF Recreation and Wellness for years.

Wiechart and others were told their respective greek organizations were banned from tailgating via an email from RWC.

Screen shot of email.

Knight News has reached out to UCF for comment. Check back for updates.

The petition can be found here: