Fraternity Rush Advertising

Fraternity recruitment is around the corner and we wanted to let you know about an easy way to get the word out. At

Protected: Tax Services

CPA Accounting & Tax Services At we know how to break news important to UCF students and alumni. But we aren't accounting majors and we need...

Protected: Homecoming Proposal

Homecoming Proposal In the last year has revolutionized news at UCF.   , and we wondering if you would be interested in advertising with...

Protected: Winn-Dixie

The staff is excited that Winn-Dixie is thinking of advertising with us! We hope you find our rates to be very...

EC Memo: Lusk Showed ‘Blatant Disregard’ of Statutes

SGA released the following memo to regarding SGA Sen. William Lusk's alleged bribery attempt: Memorandum To:      Shane Juntunen, SGA Elections Commission Advisor CC:     Brian Peterson, Student...

READ: Court Ruling Overturning UF Pike’s Suspension

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