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Position Title: News intern Number of Openings: 2 Anticipated start date: 09/01/10 Anticipated length of assignment: At least 1 semester Estimated Hrs/wk: 5 Internship Description: Would be responsible for...

Fraternity Rush Advertising

Fraternity recruitment is around the corner and we wanted to let you know about an easy way to get the word out. At

Protected: Tax Services

CPA Accounting & Tax Services At we know how to break news important to UCF students and alumni. But we aren't accounting majors and we need...

Protected: Homecoming Proposal

Homecoming Proposal In the last year has revolutionized news at UCF.   , and we wondering if you would be interested in advertising with...

Protected: Winn-Dixie

The staff is excited that Winn-Dixie is thinking of advertising with us! We hope you find our rates to be very...

EC Memo: Lusk Showed ‘Blatant Disregard’ of Statutes

SGA released the following memo to regarding SGA Sen. William Lusk's alleged bribery attempt: Memorandum To:      Shane Juntunen, SGA Elections Commission Advisor CC:     Brian Peterson, Student...

READ: Court Ruling Overturning UF Pike’s Suspension

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