As you know, I’m an investigator. But it doesn’t exactly take a wire tap and a scope camera lens to have gotten wind of one of the largest and most impactful pieces of news in American history: McDonald’s has releases a one-third pound burger…finally.

I’ve gone into McDonald’s, followed by my camera crew, of course, and consumed the one-third pound burger combo meal. Just as a point of information, there are three different one-third pound burgers, which are all made of angus beef: Bacon and cheese, swiss and mushroom and the deluxe variety.



I decided to chow down on the Deluxe, being that is seemed like the most classic of the three. I could tell by just picking up the tray that it was a hearty burger; McDonald’s means business. Upon opening the burger wrapping and really getting into the sandwich, I noticed something that could potentially change the way many Americans view fast food: there was cheese on both the bottom and top of the beef patty. In the fast food world, this is shocking. Cheese is known as one of those commonly skimped toppings, where it always costs extra to have more. This is one sandwich on where they have clearly spared no expense.


As someone who is knowledgeable of the fast food industry, take it from me: McDonald’s rarely releases new burgers. I feel like it was just yesterday that I sat down and tasted their “Big n’ Tasty” when it made its national debut in 2000. The point is, they are making serious strides for this burger to be successful. Not only are they doubling up on cheese, but they generously put on toppings, including onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and ketchup.

The burger tastes great, about as good as a burger in any sit-down chain restaurant. When ordered as a combo (with fries and a drink), it’s a lot of food that many people won’t be able to finish. But don’t worry, if you are under 5’10” and weigh over 250 lbs, you shouldn’t have trouble clearing your plate.

The pros:

Cheap (around $4), Fast, Delicious

The cons:

750 calorie sandwich, greasy

Overall, I would definitely give the sandwich a thumbs up. For right around four bucks for a filling sandwich that is prepared quickly, its the perfect meal for a broke college kid in the go.