Advertising & Sponsorship

Advertising on’s exclusive UCF news content is a great solution for those trying to reach UCF students, alumni, parents, neighbors and staff.

Please e-mail for more information. We work with new customers — having at least a $1,000 advertising campaign budget — to deliver effective advertising options that can only be sold by Knight News.

This social media advertising and marketing plan targeting college students could incorporate the following:

  • Digital banner ads at $10 cpm (cost per thousand, so 100,000 ad views costs $1,000)
  • Sponsored text stories
  • Sponsored video stories
  • Sponsored social media posts from our extremely popular social media accounts
  • And possibly other, custom options, for the right partner

We get a lot of inquiries for advertising, so to receive a fast response we ask that you email us with your specific goals, the timeframe you wish to advertise, and any questions. Please e-mail for more information.

We work directly with our sponsors and advertisers to come up with a custom advertising plan targeting the UCF area. UCF has 60,000+ students and 100,000+ alumni living in Central Florida and our state.

Knight News pioneered digital student newspaper advertising at UCF. You’ll find offers far more custom, targeted advertising options, including with video, than is possible with a traditional print UCF student newspaper. Nobody reaches the UCF audience like Knight News does. We look forward to working with you!