UPDATED 11:25 p.m. 7/30

Friends and family of James “JP” Saul will say goodbye to the fun-loving student at the UCF Reflecting Pond at 2 p.m. Friday, and then they’ll gather at his favorite happy hour hangout — the Knight Library.

Michelle Copple is helping to organize the 4 p.m. memorial happy hour which will raise funds in honor of Saul.

Copple posted on facebook that a beer mug will be put in the back bar and a plaque will be put up in Saul’s honor.

It’s no secret that Saul loved to party. When he came to UCF, friends say he insisted on being called “Drunk James.” He outgrew that name and went by “DJ,” and then eventually went by “JP.” He was known for making friends with almost everyone he came in contact with — even if he got kicked out of the bars after one, or two, or three too many drinks.

Copple summed up Saul well in her facebook post:

“…the guy would go to the gym, go to class and work the (Pita) Pit — how, at times he probably walked haha he always made us laugh, those sweet dance moves, that wild humping, falling on the ground or passing out on a couch…always happy! Its heartbreaking that he is gone but as we all think about him no one can tell a negative story about JP, besides peeing on something, not wearing a shirt and getting kicked out or getting put in the drunk tank haha he was ALWAYS a positive person to be around…that is why we have to celebrate his life! WE LOVE & MISS YOU JP “DRUNK JAMES” SAUL♥ …”

Saul’s cause of death is not known, but friends say he was found by roommates unresponsive in a Boardwalk apartment floor a few days after after he partied hard for his 23rd birthday. It’s believed he lay on the floor for days, because he was alone in the apartment while his roommate was out of town, and no one could get a hold of him during that time.

An autopsy is being performed to determine an exact cause of death.

UPDATED 9:15 P.M. ON 7/29/09

For probably the first time, a fun-loving UCF student known for making everyone laugh is instead making a whole lot of people cry.

According to his facebook page, James “JP” Saul is dead. He was 23.

James hanging out at one of his favorite local bars.
James hanging out at one of his favorite bars.

The news broke on Saul’s facebook around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Rocky Gersonde made the first comment: “Miss u bro!”

Minutes later, Amanda Rubini’s post confirmed Saul had passed away: “RIP JP I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU….YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER.”

In the three hours since the first condolence post on facebook, nearly 100 comments were posted by James’ friends. Most were in shock and many wanted answers, but so far there was no explanation as to how he died.

 One KnightNews.com reader reported that a dead body was discovered this morning inside the Boardwalk apartments. That reader was told the body was there for more than a day before it was discovered. KnightNews.com has not yet confirmed if this body was Saul’s.

Someone who knows Saul apparently has access to his facebook account. Saul’s status as of 8:09 p.m. read: “JP is in a better place. (Will keep everyone posted with service details.) God Bless.2 hours ago.”

Saul is the second UCF student to die within the last week. UCF student and Beta Theta Pi member Trevor Shipley died Friday morning in a car accident in Lake County.

Check back for updates on this sad breaking story.

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A facebook group has been launched in memory of Saul.