On a Friday night many wonder which bar they should go to and drink, but not the freshman we caught up with Friday night.

Instead they decided to stay on campus and stay sober at Late Knights — UCF’s alternative to drinking.



“We have lots of fun, exciting stuff all night long,” said Kacie Zavada, the student director of Late Knights.

“We also have a free midnight buffet,” she added. “Everything is completely free so they don’t have to pay anything and still have a great time and meet a lot of fun people.”

KnightNews.com asked the freshmen just how fun it was.

“It was something fun to do, there’s nothing else really going on,” said freshman Priscilla Locke, who went with her friend, Chelsea Colon.

“I don’t know many people, being a freshman, so I guess meeting new people is good,” said Colon, adding the free smoothies were a great perk.

Freshman Eric Class liked the bungee run game the best.

“That thing pulls you back so hard but it’s fun to do more than once!” he said.

The students we talked to believe the program is helping to discourage drinking.

“I think it is working very well, there’s smoothies, there’s non-alcoholic drinks, there’s water,” Class said. “It’s got something for everybody.”

“The people who want to be drinking are probably out doing that,” Colon said.

Zavada says she knows Late Knights is working because she sees repeat visitors.

“If you look out there we have a lot of students that come here regularly so they don’t need to go out,” Zavada said.

For more information visit: http://www.ucflateknights.com