Safe driving has taken a turn for the better when it comes to the new late night bus services offered at the University of Central Florida.

With the security that comes with knowing that transportation is so readily accessible, the obvious partygoers’ questions are put to rest:


“How are we going to get there?”

“What if my ride drinks and can no longer drive home?”

“How am I going to pay for gas and for cover?”

Since a limited amount of students actually have cars on campus, many are stranded when it comes time to go out and experience the fun of college night life. So, the bus system has become increasingly appealing to my friends and me.

Students simply walk to the chosen on-campus meeting place, pay ten dollars which includes the cost of the bus and the price of cover, get banded, and set sail for a night of fun and fantasy.

And while buses travel to clubs and bars all over Orlando, one destination that’s recently been the go-to Central Florida destination is Roxy Night Club.

Known as the venue of choice for celebrity guests and world-renowned DJ’s, Roxy Night Club has served as host to DJ Benny Benassi, DJ Skribble, Neyo and more. Thursday nights, moreover, have been coined “Models and Bottles,” derived from the drink special of one-dollar drinks until midnight and an on-staff professional photographer who snaps shots of clubbers in the penthouse VIP area (photos can be viewed on

Roxy is equipped with 13 bars, two bartenders at each, two spacious, yet never empty, dance floors, a DJ booth, and two VIP areas, one located on the entire second level penthouse and a more exclusive one to the left of the DJ booth. Recent remodeling to Roxy has made the club more edgy and sexy with stripper poles and modern wall art.

Roxy is one of the few clubs in Orlando that caters specific themes to its nightly crowds. From First Fridays to Thursday college nights (now “Models and Bottles”) to Sunday nights with AllPro Parties, there’s something for everyone.