UCF New Garage?

Will it be a new parking garage, like the sample UCF rendering above?

Or will UCF build office space to house parking services employees, like in this sample rendering below?


UCF Parking Building


Will UCF build both? Will it be neither?

It all depends on how the final version of the University of Central Florida’s 2010-2020 Campus Master Plan turns out.

Big decisions for UCF’s future are decided in the Campus Master Plan, which acts like a blueprint for the university’s future.

It’s through this planning and approval process that the  Brighthouse Networks Stadium sprouted up and opened on campus in 2007.

The process involving approving the Campus Master Plan is long. At 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 16, UCF held its first public hearing on the proposed Campus Master Plan for 2010 to 2020. The public hearing where the plan would be adopted is not until November.

There’s a UCF web site that outlines proposals that could end up in the final version of the Campus Master Plan. Some projects appear likely, because they’re listed as “approved.” Others appear to be less likely ideas, because they’re listed as “conceptual.”

One proposal listed as “conceptual” is this blueprint of a new “President’s Dining Facility” behind the president’s house.

President's Dining Hall

A KnightNews.com crew is at the public hearing to find out more about the master plan and possible projects that could be included. The hearing is being held in room 125 of the Harris Corporation Engineering Center and is open to the public.

Anyone with questions about the information session or the Campus Master Plan Update can contact James Davis of the UCF Office of Facilities Planning at 407-823-2166 or at P.O. Box 163020, Orlando, FL 32816-3020.