Thousands of high school graduates were turned away from the University of Central Florida last year because of a high volume of applicants for the 2009 fall semester. In turn, UCF admissions raised the standards of a qualified applicant.

Those who were accepted and enrolled at UCF are part of a record-setting freshmen class.

According to preliminary enrollment data from UCF, the 3,800 new freshmen had an average high school GPA of 3.8 and SAT score of 1221. Both of these numbers are the highest in the history of UCF. In addition, the 500 freshmen of the Burnett Honors College also have the highest credentials in UCF’s history with an average GPA of 4.2 an SAT score of 1373.

According to UCF, the Knights are also welcoming an impressive 4,700 new transfer students this fall. UCF says the total enrollment has now reached 52,000 students after the incoming freshmen as well as transfer students.