If you have been thinking that it seems like more students than ever are crowding our roads and attempting to park on campus, you are right.

The fall 2009 semester is a record-setting one for UCF to say the least. Not only is this year’s freshmen profile the best ever in UCF history, the enrollment count has reached astonishing numbers.


According to UCF, in 1998, only 11 years ago, the school had only 30,000 students. The preliminary fall 2009 headcount shows that this number has grown to 53,811. There are 11,940 new students at UCF this year, made up of freshmen, transfer, and graduate students. There was an increase of 3,536 students from the 2008 school year.

Even more impressive is that these numbers place UCF ahead of UF in total enrollment. For the first time, the University of Central Florida is the largest college in Florida. These constantly increasing numbers, along with other factors like UCF’s new med school, have UCF now ranked at No. 5 on the “Top Up-and-Coming School” list by U.S. News & World Report.

As the school year begins, you may question whether UCF can even handle this many students. Will parking continue to get worse as more students choose UCF? Will the local roads become unbearable because of traffic? We want to know your opinion on our constantly growing school.

Despite these unavoidable effects of this many students, the University of Central Florida is clearly proud to have come so far since 1963.