is following breaking news in the SGA Senate race.

SGA veteran William Lusk, a member of the Unite Ticket and incumbent candidate for the College of Sciences Seat 6, was accused of committing an election violation, according to SGA officials.


“The elections commission voted 7 to 1 in favor of William Lusk receiving a major violation,” Chief Elections Commissioner Marlee Popluder told in an exclusive phone interview conducted Tuesday night.


Popluder said she’ll release a more detailed statement on the situation Wednesday morning.


The controversy stems from Lusk’s alleged attempts to secure an endorsement from the College Republicans for the Unite Ticket, according to sources who attended the hearing.

A major violation could cause a candidate to be expelled from the race, but there are options to appeal. is working to contact Lusk to determine what his plans are and to get his reaction to these charges.

This decision was made during an elections commission meeting held Tuesday. Here is the video of the opening of the election commission’s meeting, including opening statements made by both parties involved. interviewed Lusk about his senatorial bid during our coverage of declarations earlier this month.

For those interested, here is the video.