Local high school soccer star Breanna McMahon, 17, lost her left leg a few weeks ago, in an tragic accident during her soccer’s team car wash.


Bree’s friend was pulling in to get her car washed, when the driver’s foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas. The car sped forward, pinning Bree against a wall and crushing her lower extremities.


Bree’s left leg had to be amputated. In between surgeries, she awoke and told those around her that she forgave the driver, according to reports.


But It is not the tragic part of the story that everyone taking notice of this Freedom High School player — it’s her determination.


“She’s not having a pity party … you know we’ve  talked a lot and we’ve decided this is a detour, not a dead end and she’s committed to somehow someway making it back to college level, and she probably will, I wouldn’t put it past her,” said her mother, Kathleen McMahon.


Her story and enduring spirit is attracting the attention of many soccer teams, including the UCF women’s soccer. The Knights are reaching out to Bree and her family. They dedicated last week’s game to her and have collected close to $1,000 to help with medical expenses.


They are also wearing red arm bands, the color of FC American Club team, and signed a UCF jersey, which they will be bringing her next week.


Pro players are also taking notice of her amazing spirit. Minnesota Vikings Kicker Ryan Longwell reportedly sends her daily text messages.


And even pro women’s soccer player Mia Hamm called her to tell Bree that she is “her hero.”

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Old Southern Bank 407-420-3900