UPDATE: 10/6/09
According to the Enzian’s website, they have additional show times extending through October 12, 2009. Go to http://www.enzian.org for more information.

Imagine throwing Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, U2’s The Edge, and Jack White of the White Stripes all into a room with nothing but their guitars and time to kill. That is exactly what director Davis Guggenheim of It Might Get Loud did for his latest documentary.

Official Selection from Sundance Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, and Toronto Film Festival, It Might Get Loud is your inside ticket to witness this rare moment in rock history, and listen in on all the discussions, stories, and even some new music.

When asked about meeting each other Jack White teases, “I plan to trick these guys into teaching me all their tricks.” A lighthearted Jimmy Page also comments, “We’re going there to have a chat, but it just so happens that the instruments are there as well, so, who knows… it’s going to be very interesting.”

They’ll be sitting down together for the first time, and share their stories with each other and the rest of the world. Audiences will get a glimpse at some of the places that influenced these musicians, including the birthplace of “Stairway to Heaven”. Audiences can also witness Jack White writing an impromptu song on camera while in a Tennessee farmhouse. There’s even a sneak peak inside the studio where The Edge lays down tracks for a new U2 single.

Directed by Davis Guggenheim, and Produced by Thomas Tull, Lesley Chilcott and Peter Afterman, this documentary is guaranteed to tingle your spine. You don’t have to play guitar to appreciate the beauty and creativity behind these men and their art.

“For rock geeks of any age or taste, the lore in this documentary will be catnip. But It Might Get Loud is more than a narrowly focused fan artifact. It gives those of us with tin ears and clumsy fingers a chance to linger in the presence of serious artists with formidable chops and big, if not always clearly expressed, ideas about what they do. And It will put you in the mood to listen.”

-A.O. Scott, New York Times

It Might Get Loud will be playing locally at The Enzian in Winter Park from October 5- October 8, 2009. This Film is being selectively released, so here’s your chance to catch it!

For more information about The Enzian, check out their website at: