It’s not everyday a story out of Colorado is the No. 1 story on, but that was the case yesterday as UCF students logged on to watch us carry live video coverage of a hot air balloon flying across the sky — and worried the 6-year-old boy, believed to be inside, wouldn’t make it out alive.

We reported yesterday the boy was never trapped in the balloon, but hiding at home while the nation and UCF watched and hoped the national guard choppers, and hundreds of emergency responders, could somehow rescue the boy whose life they thought was in danger.


Now this morning, there are questions about whether the whole incident was a hoax to bring publicity to a family who has been anything but camera-shy in the past. The father has appeared on ABC’s Wife Swap twice, and the family sent CNN video of the boys chasing a storm with their dad.

On a national live interview with Larry King Live Thursday, the little boy said, “We did this for a show,” when asked why he was hiding during the search.


This morning, the boy’s father brushed the statement off to confusion, claiming the boy meant he was showing reporters at the house where he hid during the ordeal.

Adding to the allegations of a hoax, this morning, the family released new home video of the balloon lifting off — they apparently just happened to be rolling on it at the time.

Whether it was a hoax, or happy ending, one things for sure: it’s exhausting for the family and little boy.

This morning, he vomited on live television during an interview with NBC’s Today Show.

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You could also see how he started getting sick on ABC’s Good Morning America, which was taped before the Today Show.