UCF Spokesman Chad Binette just released this statement to KnightNews.com confirming what we first reported:


“Beta Theta Pi and representatives of the university met recently and successfully resolved their differences. The university is looking forward to having Beta Theta Pi successfully complete its suspension at the end of the Spring 2010 semester.”




KnightNews.com has gotten confirmation from a reliable UCF source that Beta Theta Pi will be allowed back on the UCF campus by 2010.

According to an out of court settlement between the fraternity and UCF:

“Beta Theta Pi and the University of Central Florida have come to an amicably agreed settlement on all prior issues. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the University will allow Beta to return after Spring 2010.”

Lance Flint, a brother of Beta, told KnightNews.com: “Beta and I are glad it’s over and we hope we can have a good working relationship with UCF for many years to come.”

KnightNews.com is working right now to get official confirmation from UCF officials about this.

Beta Theta Pi was suspended by UCF after being accused of gang raping a girl, but the girl later dropped the case. A controversy ensued when UCF found the group in violation of sexual misconduct, based on school rules, despite the criminal case being dropped.

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