As the Knights improve to 2-0 this season, it becomes quite clear that now more than ever the team is feeding off the crowd’s support.


The student section represents somewhat of a sixth man on the court. They help rally the team to score when they are down, and also help to stop the opposition from heating up on the basket. The crowd support, especially the student section is vital to sustaining the Knight’s energy level.

The team clearly responds better to how the fans are reacting, and if the fans are trying their hardest, then in return the team will exert every ounce of energy they have into the game. got a chance to catch up with a wide range of fans at Tuesday night’s game against Howard University.

Some students chose to scream and holler disturbing things at the opposing team, while others chose the more conventional route of chanting “defense!”

These types of things really throw opposing teams out of their comfort zone and help hinder their scoring efforts. While on offense, most students revert to silence or the occasional battle scream, this helps getting the Knights pumped up to score.

With such a young team on the court for the Knights this year, it is necessary that the stands stay packed year round with cheering fans.

Conference USA is up for grabs with no definite front runner at the beginning of the season. It comes down to what team wants it more, and that team is usually the one who has the most loyalty and support from its fans.