Last night’s Homecoming concert at the UCF Arena did not end when T-Pain walked off the stage. Instead, the stars of the night decided to party locally with students.

Romi Mawardi, co-owner of Scoop Orlando, says he got in touch with Asher Roth’s manager last night after the Homecoming concert and brought him and his entourage to out to Scoop. Of course, the DJ at Scoop made sure to play his hottest songs which made for quite the experience since T-Pain was physically in attendance.


Asher was hanging out and taking pictures with everyone who wanted to inevitably make it their new Facebook default photos.




But soon enough, a tour bus rolls up and who comes out? That’s right, none other than T-Pain, his entourage and about 150 people who poured into Scoop.

T-Pain and Asher Roth greeted one another, but remained on opposite sides of the bar, sort of creating two parties in one location.

T-Pain was quite generous with alcohol, and spent some time pouring bottles of it into the mouths of all the ladies who could manage to fight their way through the crowd.


All the star-struck students who partied there had a blast, and no doubt used their allotted SMS text messages for the month from texting photos to their friends to make them jealous.

On a side note, Scoop owners have the new bar “Deko” opening on the corner of University and Alafaya, near Knight’s Library and Fubar.The owners are looking to hire a brand new staff of all positions for both locations. A job fair will be held from 12 p.m. noon until 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, November 21-22.

Applications are also being accepted for all positions at Scoop and Deko at either or, respectively.