For the first time in UCF history, the Knights have beaten a nationally-ranked team.

They did it at home — and they did it during homecoming.

When the game ended, and the scoreboard read UCF 37, Houston 32, students went wild.

The No. 13 Houston Cougars left in shock.

Armored in black, the Knights came from behind for what a CBS College Sports commentator called “possibly the most collosal upset in college football.”

For the long-time Knights fans, all that patience has finally paid off. is covering every angle of the Knights’ Historic Homecoming Win. We had crews on the field and outside the stadium gathering video and reaction. We will upload it here as fast as we can.

Check back for updates and complete coverage of this major UCF news throughout the day and night. shot video of this fan, who was apparently arrested, after trying to storm the field to celebrate: