has uncovered what some workers feel were warning signs about the man accused of committing the deadly shooting rampage in downtown Orlando Friday.

Several people who worked in the same shopping plazas as accused gunman Jason Rodriguez told he lost his job as a Subway Sandwich Artist about two months ago, after mumbling troubling words under his breath and making coworkers feel uncomfortable.

After he was fired, we’re told Rodriguez returned in a fit of rage and tried smashing his vehicle through the front door of the Subway he had just been fired from at the Kirkman Oaks Plaza in Orlando.


Police responded to the scene, according to several workers, but because the concrete foundation prevented the vehicle from causing damage to the Subway store, it’s not clear what, if any, action was taken against him then.

Workers at Kirkman Oaks Plaza told the Subway workers were so scared Rodriguez was going to come open fire at Subway after the Gateway Center shooting, they closed the business down during part of the afternoon. is continuing to invesitgate this development, and will post updates once we’re able to get information from police about this incident.

See the video below from Fox 35 to watch Rodriguez being walked to an OPD car before being booked into jail: