UCF has proven itself to be an environmentally friendly campus while still knowing how to party. There were over 20 bands rocking it out for the Battle of the bands with Less than Jake headlining at the end of the show.

Although they had a great time performing at UCF, Less than Jake told KnightNews.com it was “kind of a bummer” that their performance had to be cut short because things went a little over and there are “strict time curfews” placed on Memory Mall. The band said it would love to come back for another UCF concert, however.


Along with the performances there was tons of entertainment and exhibitions. The Kappa Sigma fraternity created some electricity for charity on the Bicycle Turbines Electric Generators. There were also tons of art displays and organizations to check out.

While I was there I got to talk to some of the bands that were playing on stage. Both JamesPete and The Reprieve rocked out the stage and brought some soulful fun rhythms to UCF.

Some people to thank for this kick butt even are Campus Activity Board, SGA, Origin Influence LLC, I.D.E.A.S. and Animal Safe House. A show filled with skate ramps, art, music and all for an awesome cause made for an exciting day at the University of Central Florida!