About two dozen people were busted for underage drinking at TD’s Sports Bar and Knight Library during St. Patrick’s Day festivities, according to a tipster who e-mailed KnightNews.com.

KnightNews.com was waiting for confirmation from Florida’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco before reporting about the bust, but the Orlando Sentinel confirmed through its sources Monday that the bust happened.


Those caught drinking underage were not handcuffed and booked into jail, as has previously been the case during underage drinking raids KnightNews.com has covered. This time, those accused of drinking underage were issued written arrests and given notices to appear in court.


If convicted, a judge could throw offenders in jail for 60 days or force them to pay a $500 fine, according to the Sentinel.


Eyewitnesses told KnightNews.com one person was injured during a fight at the event. Thousands of partiers showed up to the shopping plaza, directly across from UCF, to take part in Knight Library’s party as well as those as DEKO and FUBAR.

According to the Sentinel, bars selling to underage students could face fines of $1,000 or even see their liquor licenses suspended for one week — just for a first offense.

The Sentinel reported its calls seeking comment from Knight Library were not immediately returned, but reported “a management staffer at Knight Library who wouldn’t provide his name said employees stamped the hands of underage patrons at the block party with a black ‘X’ to indicate they could not order a drink.”

“All others received a bright orange wristband, which allowed them to order alcoholic beverages,” the paper reported the manager said.

The Sentinel reported the state has been increasing pressure against Knight Library by sending agents into the bar to hunt for violations.

During the last major underage drinking bust KnightNews.com covered, Knight Library had no arrests, however, Scoop, Devaney’s, TD’s and Amigos did.

KnightNews.com is still trying to get more information on this crackdown on UCF area bars. Check back for updates.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. Do you think UCF bars are being unfairly targeted by the state — or do all bars undergo this amount of scrutiny? Speak out below, and we could use your comment in our next article.