Wednesday night, April 21, 2009, the night that all of UCF had been waiting for, finally arrived. Drake paid our arena a little visit on his “Away from Home Tour”. The University of Central Florida was one of only 15 colleges on the tour. The much-anticipated concert had fans lined up around the building hours before the 7 o’clock entry. The show began at 8pm with a performance by Francis and The Lights and was followed by Canadian rapper, K-OS.

Finally, the crowd could take it no longer, and begging screams were heard for Drake to perform. He emerged onstage singing “Forever” and the crowd instantly went wild. Afterwards, he went on with the show singing some of his most popular songs. Just to name a few: “Throw it in the Bag (remix)”, “Uptown”, “Successful”, “I’m Still Fly”, and “Fear” were some of the songs he performed. Drake even brought out Birdman as a surprise guest during two of his songs!

Drake engaged the crowd throughout his entire performance. While speaking of his good friend, Lil’ Wayne, Drake encouraged the audience to sing “I’m Goin’ in” with him; claiming that Orlando was one of the largest crowds on tour and Wayne would be listening to HOT97 from his jail cell to hear us sing the song. And, speaking of “engaging the crowd”, Drake decided to invite one female student up on stage with him to dance. Needless to say, there were thousands of other very unhappy and jealous girls because of this.

Drizzy Drake closed the show quite appropriately with his song “Over”, though no one in the arena wanted to see him leave the stage. It was an unforgettable concert for all UCF students in attendance. Free Wayne!