UCF police were extra vigilant while patrolling last night, and will be on alert all day today, due to a threat on Facebook to “shoot up Washington Center” on campus.

The threat came from a Facebook comment left on the KnightNews.com fan page, stating, “Need a study break?? I’m going to shoot up Washington Center if I fail another final.”

UPDATE: Read UCF Statement on Facebook Threats

The status of the account which posted that comment also reads, “I’m seriously going on a shooting spree in Wahington Center if I bomb another test. Lock and f***ing load. Better stay home tomorrow if you don’t wan to risk your lives.”

After KnightNews.com staff received the email notifying us of the status, we contacted UCF administration, allowing them to handle the situation. We chose not to run the story immediately to allow UCF time to react, as well as to verify the validity of the threat. KnightNews.com was first to report the threat.

According to a local TV news station that reported the story at 11 p.m., UCF Police interrogated the student whose name is listed on the profile. That student claims that the account was made by an impostor, as KnightNews.com suspected.

The account linked to the threats seemed to be created as recently as December, has only 12 friends, had recently updated info regarding the hometown portion, along with a new picture. Our investigation of the profile showed that all of the information, including the picture, was taken from a facebook account of a UCF student with the same name.

UCF Police are investigating the account, and said that they will be pressing charges against whoever made it, Local 6 reported. No charges appear to have been filed at this time.

KnightNews.com is cooperating with UCF during this investigation. We have not removed the comment from our facebook page because we haven’t been asked to, and aren’t sure if removing it will hurt the investigation by destroying the evidence.

No incidents have been reported on campus Thursday morning. While it’s possible the posting was some sort of sick joke, UCF students don’t find it funny.

Mindy Degnon posted the following on our Facebook page: “scary stuff! was there a name to that fb status? idk why someone would actually go thru with this! I hope they get caught!!”

The issue has also become a major topic on twitter, and somehow developed its own #DearUCFshooter tag among UCF tweeters. Some students were scared, but others tweeted about how relying on their faith keeps them calm.

“@TesselerJoy #dearucfshooter you may have bullets in your gun but i have God in me so as far as im concerned aim where you please! < AMEN,” one UCF student tweeted Thursday morning.

Since the story broke last night, several local Orlando media outlets have covered the postings. KnightNews.com will continue working with police and UCF officials to update you with any information we receive.

If you know who is behind the comments, please text us at 407-5-tip-UCF or e-mail us at news@knightnews.com.