The United States only tied England during the World Cup game Saturday, but for American fans it felt like a major win anyway.
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For the Brits, the tie game felt more like a stinging defeat. got this YouReport video, submitted via our South Africa Bureau:


You can see most fans expected America to lose. Because the USA beat expectations, that’s why so many are calling this tie a win.

“Nobody gave USA a chance, and I’ll tell you right now it’s opening up a whole new spectrum,” one English fan told NY1 news.

At the University of Central Florida in Orlando, students were celebrating the win on Facebook.

Rachel Taback posted: “♥ Only in America, dream in red, white and blue ♥ GO USA!!”

Others showed their pride by posting expletives, including, “AMERICA F–K YEA!” will work to gather more video and post it here when we get it.

Here’s some video of Robert Green during happier times.