Have you caught yourself peering over the fence while you lift weights? Tripping on the treadmill as you lean over to get a glance?

Yes, we’re talking about the growing anticipation inside of every UCF Gym lover…for the new expansion!


If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on behind all of that construction, then you’ll be glad to know that today KnightNews got a sneak peek video tour! SGA President, Mike Kilbride, and some of the developers took us behind the scenes and told us what amazing new features you can expect with the expansion.

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Always wanted to take a camping trip? The new outdoor adventure department will have equipment available for rental such as tents or sleeping bags and will help you plan your outdoor trip.

We all know that sometimes the more popular group exercise classes fill up fast, so along with the expansion comes more rooms for you to perfect those washboard abs or 20-20-20 till you drop.

Swimmers seem to be the most excited about the gym expansion; it’s because of that new, big, beautiful pool isn’t it? Courses in CPR certification will be offered and a second floor viewing deck/lounge will allow students to hang out and enjoy a pool view.

IM sport games are often the biggest little games you’ll see outside of the stadium or the arena. Now there will be even more opportunities for that healthy competitiveness. The MAC (Multi-purpose Activity Court) will house more IM games with a set of stadium seats overlooking the courts from the second floor. Another area for fans will have high-top stools set in front of large glass viewing windows. So get ready for a bigger audience to cheer you on as you play.

The new gym wants to keep you hydrated! Next to the water fountains you’ll find water-bottle refill stations so you can save yourself a trip to the vending machine and a couple of bucks.

Finally we got to see the big cardio room. UCF students were able to test different equipment brands in the current gym and submit their pick for the expansion’s treadmills and ellipticals. Wanna know the coolest part about the new cardio section? While you pedal, step or run, you’ll be generating electricity that will help power the gym!

Hope this sneak peek got all you knights as excited as we are. See you in your sweat bands on opening day Spring 2011!