Haling from the Space Coast, Ronny Ray Gunn on vox and guitar, Jimmy James on Bass and Cameron on Drums are the Trash City Rockers, a sonic force to be reckoned with. With a time span of two years, they have already open for the likes of Murphy’s Law and U.K punk legends G.B.H.

A listen to their debut album it is easy to see why they were first choice for KnightNews.com band of the week. From the opening track on Switchblade Serenade, “Riot Squad-Squad,” this trio writes fast, thundering and catchy songs reminiscent of bands such as the Clash, Social Distortion and Screeching Weasel. “40 Nights” makes feel like I am listening to punk circa. 1977, and Riot Squad-Squad has the energy of the Who’s “My Generation” except with more attitude and testosterone. “Fooling Myself” starts out with booming bass line and drumming skills, that set the eerie mood of the song while breaking free from the monotony of many bands in the punk rock genre.

Trash City Rockers are definitely one of the strongest sounding punk bands I have heard in awhile from the Central Florida Scene. I urge a listen to Switch Blade Serenade- Trash City Rockers’ most recent album.

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