UPDATE: We went to SGA to investigate and found no free beer being served. We interviewed several students, however, who showed up in search of it, believing it would be there. It appears the senator was joking around, though.

“Sorry to diappoint you all, but Senator Constantine was kidding,” SGA Speaker of the Senate Drew Pope posted on Facebook.


KnightNews.com has learned Sen. Constantine, a UCF alumnus, supports his alma mater by taking in several student interns during each legislative session.

Thousands of rowdy students at the University of Central in Orlando dived into the iconic reflecting pond in the heart of the sprawling campus as part of an annual Homecoming tradition before Saturday’s football game.


The event just ended around 1:30 p.m., but the fun may be far from over — state Sen. Lee Constantine just announced UCF’s SGA is serving free beer inside the Student Union.

Rowdy Students pack the Reflecting Pond for Spirit Splash (Video from last year)

Constantine’s comments came after he announced it was time to get out of the pond and head over to the SGA office to pick up free tickets to the football game against Rice. If the free tickets weren’t motivation enough to get out of the pond, Constantine announced he heard a rumor that SGA was giving away free beer in the SGA office.

The lure of free beer for students in hopes of packing the football stadium comes after UCF officials have taken steps to slash tailgating hours and even successfully demanded Budweiser stop selling black and gold beer cans in the UCF area.

Constantine is no stranger to alcohol problems. He has been arrested on a DUI charge in the past, according to an article posted on Orlando attorney Mark Nejame’s website.

This story is breaking right now. KnightNews.com has a crew on the way to Student Body President Mike Kilbride’s SGA office to catch up with the students who raced out of the pond and over to S investigate whether free beer is truly being given away.

Check back for updates.