UPDATE 10/28/10: The results are as follows:

President: Adam Brock
Executive Vice President: Vacant
Vice President of Risk Management and Judicial: Ian Stecher
Vice President of Recruitment: Andrew Capranos
Vice President of Finance: Ian Schnier
Vice President of Public Relations: Joshua Crouch

Executive Vice President nominations are open and must be submitted to OFSL by 12 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3rd. Elections for the position will be at 2 p.m. at Theta Chi.

The University of Central Florida Interfraternity Council will hold elections for its executive board at 2 p.m. this Wednesday at the Kappa Delta sorority house.

KnightNews.com noticed current IFC President Kyle Schumacher, who just handed over his Homecoming King Crown to Adam Brock, posted a link to this nomination form for those interested in running for an IFC executive board position.

IFC President & 2009 Homecoming King, Kyle Schumacher

According to Schumacher’s Facebook, the nomination forms are due Tuesday.

The nomination form touts how those who are elected will get to work with a $50,000 budget and oversee more than 1,400 members. Persons interested must be willing to spend several hours a week on the position, attend various committee meetings and weekly executive board meetings, the form states. Board members are required to have a 2.8 GPA, according to the form.

If you are interested in Greek leadership but have less than a 2.8 GPA, the Greek Council only requires a 2.5 GPA, according to its website, and is seeking new officers as well. Those applications will be due at 5 p.m. on November, 3, and interviews will take place on Nov. 8 – Nov 10.

KnightNews.com will let you know who will lead Greek life once the polls close.