University of Central Florida Student Government Association Vice President Taylor Lochrane resigned Thursday night, becoming the latest member of Kilbride’s administration to leave before finishing the full term.

Check out this video interview with VP Taylor Lochrane:

Lochrane is leaving student government to enter the real thing. He announced during the SGA Senate meeting that he accepted a job at the Federal Highway Administration and needs to begin in February.

Lochrane is now the highest-ranking member of Kilbride’s administration to jump ship before the end of his term.

Prior to Lochrane’s announcement, former Chief Information Officer Shane Chism’s early departure was the biggest name to leave. Chism cited a renewed focus on his academics as among the major reasons he left SGA.

Below is video of SGA President Mike Kilbride discussing how Lochrane will be replaced:

Other cabinet members who left Kilbride’s administration early include former Director of Communications Matt Smith and former Governmental Affairs Director Marla Spector. Comptroller Brian Peterson just graduated and his post is vacant now as well.

Kilbride is looking for a replacement vice president and comptroller to finish out those terms. Chism’s position will not be replaced, an SGA spokeswoman told previously.

Below is video of VP Taylor Lochrane announcing his resignation to the SGA Senate: