Sam Altman, is that you? Yes, it’s true, the original jamtronica drummer of The Disco Biscuits came out to celebrate the Bisco New Years run on December 29. Because current drummer Allen Aucoin had an asthma attack the weekend prior to the run, original drummer now doctor, Sam Altman stepped in to drum for a night of nostalgia. And for those who have been following The Biscuits since their first appearance in the 90s, it was quite a night of remembrance and good times…as to be expected.

Starting with an opening act from the legendary Crystal Method, and flowing into The Disco Biscuit’s usual (but not so usual) improvisational trance-fusion performance, created an energized, dancing crowd in the Terminal 5 venue.
Playing songs from several of their albums brought the show in a plethora of directions and continued their goal to keep their audience in a non-stop dance frenzy. As arms swung up in the air and booties shook to each direction, Barber broke it down on the guitar as Magner’s fingers massaged each key-stroke and Brownie tore it up on the base.

But music is only the beginning for a Biscuit show. The greatness of it starts with their visual journey of a light show, which corresponds perfectly with their jam/electronica music. Every color is projected off the stage, which allows for a mesmerizing effect for the audience. Impossible but still wanting to touch and play with each light makes for an au-natural trippy performance touching each of the crowd’s five senses.

Now seeing the Philly based jam band in three different states, it’s interesting to note they have quite a similar crowd at each East Coast showing. With so much music out there, and music easy to obtain in this decade, The Disco Biscuits are lucky to have a loyal following. Incredibly unique for our time, The Disco Biscuits attract both the ravers and the jam obsessed. With that in mind, I hope they show up on the Ultra 2011 line-up again so us Floridians can see them in a short while.