Knight-Thon was a huge success, due to the hard work of roughly 350 participants.

Knight-Thon’s purpose, to raise money and awareness for Children’s Miracle network, was aided by the participants, who stood on their feet for 15 hours for fund raising efforts.

Check out video from last year’s Knight-Thon, which raised over $62,000:

They stand on their feet to as a way to give appreciation and understanding of the struggles that many children are faced with on a daily basis with their own pain and suffering. The event took place at the Venue from noon to 3 a.m., with a great turn out from both Greeks and Registered Student Organizations.

However, participants did not just stand in place, but every hour on the hour they held a Morale Dance, which included choreographed dances to popular music.

The dances were the most popular part of the event, however the stars of the show were six Miracle Children. The children, according to Executive Student Director of Knight-Thon, Christina Vicari, “Didn’t leave a dry eye in the audience,” as they shared their heart wrenching stories of their personal struggles.

At Knight-Thon, it was announced that $84,640.72 was raised. However, Vicari explained that, “Due to some monies still coming in we are now well over $85K for the kids!” All of the money will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.