Is UCF Breaking Public Record Law to Protect Kilbride?

If you walked by the Student Union’s Pegasus Ballroom this afternoon, you may have noticed workers setting up for an elaborate ceremony. But this wasn’t a setup for UCF alumni getting married on campus; it’s a lavish goodbye party embattled SGA President Michael Kilbride is throwing himself — courtesy of student activity and service fees.

SEE PICTURE SLIDESHOW OF LAVISH PARTY asked UCF to release records showing how much this annual ceremony dubbed “Passing of the Gavel” costs around noon today, but neither the professional public relations staff or A&SF Business Office staff responded with the records or cost estimate by the end of the day.

The delay in producing requested records comes after UCF has so far refused to release an official copy of the scathing impeachment affidavit filed against Kilbride last week, alleging he should be kicked out of office for wasteful spending and questionable ethics. UCF may be breaking Florida Public Record law with this delay, if the delay is interpreted as illegal for taking longer than reasonably necessary to retrieve the records, redact and release them.

The alleged ethics violations in the impeachment charges centered around how Kilbride’s SGA did $50,000 in business — often without getting bids –with a company Kilbride admitted gave him a $2 per shirt deal for his campaign shirts. When exposed the situation around the time of the SGA presidential elections, Kilbride issued a statement to saying he does not condone pay for play activities and made it clear it would be his “final statement” on that matter.

He has released no further statement to regarding the impeachment. will work to find out more about the ceremony tonight, what’s on the menu and will try and track down Kilbride to interview him and ask why his SGA decided to spend money this way.

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