Young music talent is tough to come by these days, but UCF’s own Emily Kopp seems to have more than a few things going for her. Blessed with a sweet, sultry voice that echoes notable radio-friendly female songwriters such as Norah Jones, as well as a keen ability to craft simple but interesting chord changes like an early John Mayer, Kopp seems poised to work her way up into becoming one of Orlando’s finest local musicians—and beyond.

Kopp, who is 20 years old, is currently a sophomore majoring in Event Management. However, despite enjoying her major, she dedicates significant time working towards her dream of enjoying an illustrious music career.

“I can honestly say I’ve made it the day that I don’t have to worry about where my meals are coming from and I can just rely on playing my music and traveling,” Kopp said.

Emily Kopp’s debut CD, a five song EP produced by Justin Beckler (who also produced other local Orlando-based talents like Matt Butcher and Kaleigh Baker), will be released sometime this fall. The EP is as of yet untitled.

“Potential,” a song set to be included on her EP, is a prime example of Kopp’s remarkable pop sensibility. Kopp’s voice manages to alternate between sounding quiet and subdued one moment and full on rousing the next, all the while staying melodic. But while Kopp’s voice is her most obvious asset, it’s her innate sense of music theory that carries the tune—the song’s bridge creates a subtle tension and release that elevates the track to a higher plateau.

But Kopp’s songwriting is equally matched by her dogged work ethic, and she is always on the hunt for new opportunities to improve not only as a songwriter, but also as a performer. Among Kopp’s most notable lessons learned in the field of live performance came from someone most people wouldn’t expect: Jeff Daniels. According to Kopp, Daniels, the actor who is best known for playing “Harry” in the classic comedy Dumb & Dumber, was a surprisingly talented folk singer.

“A lot of people wouldn’t think that he’d be a really good musician, but he is,” Kopp stated.

But Daniels wasn’t cracking jokes with Kopp, and didn’t provide her with as much comic relief as he did valuable tips for performance.

“The concert with Jeff at The Plaza (on January 16 this year) was the first real show I ever had, and I was super nervous. I went up to Jeff and said ‘Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this is the first real show I’ve ever played in my life.’ Jeff said ‘Well, if there’s any piece of advice I can give you, it would be to just play within a three-foot radius of yourself,’” advice Kopp still applies to this day.

Kopp’s manager, Chris Goyzueta, has high hopes for Emily’s future.

“Hopefully in five years time she’ll be playing music full time as her job, going on tour, and publishing music.”

Goyzueta, who originally met Kopp while she was interning for him at The Plaza, was impressed by Kopp’s marketing sense and love of songwriting.

“When Emily interned for me, she worked really hard, had great business skills and a passion for music,” he said.

“I hear very personal and soulful music when I listen to Emily Kopp,” stated junior Josh Lida, host of UCF’s music radio show This is Not a Bodega. “Her music truly sounds like a part of her.”

Emily Kopp is set to kick off a tour at Will’s Pub in Orlando on July 1, then she will travel to Tampa, Jacksonville, Nashville, Atlanta, and many more cities.

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