UPDATE 5/25/2011: New video of AIPAC protests and a slideshow of pictures have been posted.

See video of US President Barack Obama’s APAC speech:


KnightNews.com has a crew in Washington D.C. where protests against Israeli and US foreign policy are breaking out outside the AIPAC convention.

KnightNews.com ilive streamed video of the protests, and we have concluded the live stream to go inside the conference and get video interviews with the other side. An updated video story with both sides will be posted as soon as possible.

The protests came before, during and after US President Barack Obama spoke at the conference.

Matthew McCann, the Student Body President from the University of Central Florida, attended the conference at the invitation of AIPAC. KnightNews.com caught up with him after hearing Obama’s speech and get his reaction.

Look for more exclusive interviews with people attending the event soon on KnightNews.com.