Last year, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-FL), made headlines when his poll numbers soared in the GOP Primary against then Governor Charlie Crist. He later went on to win the General Election against the Republican Governor, who made a controversial switch to no party affiliation.


Rubio, a Tea Party favorite, ran on a platform of fiscal conservatism. Since the election, his name has been thrown into the ring as a potential 2012 Vice-Presidential Candidate. However, with the 2010 elections well behind us, people are now looking towards 2012 for something new and exciting.


Well, we may have found him.

Adam Hasner, the former majority leader of the Florida House of Representatives, has thrown his hat into the ring for Florida’s other senate seat — currently held by two-term Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson

Nelson has announced that he would seek reelection in a year where Florida is once again being hyped as a state that must be won in order to win the White House. In turn, this most likely means that whichever party wins the White House in Florida, will also do well in both federal and state elections.

Hasner is considered by many political elites as being the protégé of Sen. Rubio. Although he is not a shoe-in for the nomination, he is definitely someone to watch. Recently, Hasner has come out and viciously attacked the debt and spending going on in our country right now.

Our country faces an uphill battle, and we as citizens need to make sure that we continue to send the right people to Washington to fight for us. Rep. Hasner is the perfect person to represent us in the United States Senate. His record is exceptional. He has been one of the biggest supporters, from our state, of passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.

As a Conservative, I believe that he has what it takes to tackle the Beltway establishment.

After Rubio appointed Hasner as his Majority leader, the relationship bloomed. I think that this is exactly what Florida needs representing us in the United States Senate. Their relationship with one another has the ability to shape the way we are represented for years to come. Florida can show that we are leading the way towards fiscal conservatism.

In congress, members are getting ready for a showdown on the national debt limit. Hasner has said that the limit shouldn’t be raised without first simplifying the tax code, and with a far reaching balanced budget amendment.

As far as I am concerned, the Republicans in Congress should not cave to the pressures of the Democrats. One way or another the debt ceiling will be raised. The American People want to see real spending cuts, and the best way to see those cuts would be to attach it to something that will get done. As much as I would like to see a Balanced Budget Amendment, it will not be seriously considered until sometime in 2012 if at all. Adam Hasner, as a candidate for U.S. Senate will keep this conversation alive. This is why I believe he is the best person to represent us, as the next senator from Florida.