A University of Central Florida student named Aaron Floyd is accused of brutally raping a woman he met on the Match.com dating website — then forcing her to buy the “morning after pill” and swallow it in front of him.


Floyd, 22, is an industrial engineering student at UCF, according to Facebook. Authorities aren’t releasing the age of his alleged victim, who agreed to meet him for dinner at Orlando Alehouse in Sanford after he asked her sexual questions which made her uncomfortable a day earlier, according to the arrest report.

Aaron Floyd, Match.com Rape Suspect

The day after the dinner, May 14, is when deputies say the woman came to Floyd’s Oviedo apartment on Tattinger Lane. What started as watching TV together turned into seemingly innocent kissing, before somehow escalating into a brutal rape, where Floyd forced the woman to have sex with him, touched her inappropriately and forced her to sodomize him, according to the arrest report.


After the alleged rape, investigators say Floyd forced the woman to drive with him in his vehicle to buy the morning after pill from a local pharmacy. He forced her to take the pill with water, the report states. The woman got in her own car after Floyd drove her back to his apartment, contacted her mother and then reported the alleged sexual battery to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Floyd was arrested and booked into the Seminole County jail. KnightNews.com is working to track Floyd down and ask him about these charges and give him the chance to respond.


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  3. Why do you even publish these UF low life’s comments? If I were in charge of comments on this website, I would censor the shit out of those losers

  4. Um. To “same person arguing”: I’m a girl. And only wrote once. Engineer UCF alumni. But nice try. I also wrote facts as opposed to spitting out random arrogance-driven meaningless insults. Clearly a different person.

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  6. Because going to another school automatically means you know how to carry yourself in an interview and it’s impossible when you go anywhere else…right. Employers look at how you carry yourself, where you’ve interned (yea, good luck in Gainesville), and how motivated/hard working you are. If you feel like you’re entitled to a job just because of your school you probably aren’t going to get hired. Employers quickly learn that people who think they deserve life handed to them are really just gonna be fat and lazy and won’t as hard as the guy who really wants to be there.

  7. Your potential employers love UF. These are the same ones who will laugh at you behind your back as you leave unsuccessful job interviews. As far as having to work with you in the real world, I hardly call hiring(and in all likelihood sleeping with) your homecoming queen as a secretary as working with you, but if it makes you or her feel better, no problem, as long as she remembers the cream and sugar.

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    Oh, and btw, ” Our athletes are paid professionals, they are not role models.” you know it’s illegal to actually pay your student athletes? That can get yall in serious trouble with the NCAA. But whatever, yall pretty much worshiped Tebow but hey, “he’s not a role model!!”

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    First I will address your sad attempt to discredit the excellence of my life(which continues to be exceedingly excellent as I write this). You being a poor an uneducated ucf student I don’t expect you to understand about things that wealthy people like myself engage in. One of those activities is international travel and I am on vacation in Madrid right now. Since your idea of vacation probably consists of cocoa beach and the mcdonalds value menu you may not be aware that the world is divided into different time zones. As I typed my last crushing rebuttal of your primitive logic it was 7:29am and I was just waking up in my hotel in Madrid. I would not expect a moron to know about geography and time zones so its natural that you would not be smart enough that just because it may be 1:29am in Oviedo that most of the world is in a different time zone. Once again your lack of insight is more evidence that UCF is a school for losers and the poor. 1+1=2 is obvious. I do not need to back this up with facts. UCF is a joke of a college and a diploma mill, etc, are also obvious and anyone who has spoken UCF students will quickly realize the dim witted low lifes they are dealing with. Just like when you talk to a child you can quickly gage their intellect and when you are in a rough neighborhood it is not hard to spot the thugs and lock your doors. You admit to the inferiority of ucf so why would I need to persuade you with facts. You clearly see the obvious. You point out that UF has rich students. Duh! That was one of my knocks on ucf from the beginning. It is a school for the poor and feeble minded. You write about how ucf has not had time to grow. That is a good thing. If ucf is allowed to continue to grow as a diploma mill for a few more decades then the crime rate will sky rocket even more and the national guard will have to be called in to impose a curfew and martial law. Hopefully ucf will be closed before that happens. As to the athletes at UF, I already explained that to you, but since you are not in a real conference like the SEC you do not understand. Our athletes are paid professionals, they are not role models. At UF we can afford to pay our athletes, that is why our teams are good. All major conference athletic programs are like this. If you are not up to date enough to understand that then I am afraid I can not help you unless I build a time machine and go back in time and rescue you from your poor educational and financial background.

  10. UF for life:

    I find it hilarious that you continue to say that you are “stating the obvious”, meanwhile you have yet to use any facts to back up your claims about UCF’s inferiority. I’m not going to sit here and argue that UCF is better than UF. When looking at the statistics, we aren’t. But, if you compare the statistics in relation to the age of our school, we are.

    UCF was established in 1963, while UF was established in 1853, having 110 years of development on us… And yet, the SAT scores, ACT scores and GPA’s of our admitted freshman are but mere points away from UF’s. (i.e. 1937 average SAT score for UF admits versus 1907 for UCF). UCF is ranked one of the top 300 Universities in the world, top 100 engineering schools in the world, the top 112 universities in the country, and has many more “top 100” rankings for other programs from notable university ranking programs. UCF only admits 42% of it’s applicants – the same admission rate as UF. And, to throw my opinion in there, UF is simply a greedy “get all the money we can get” school. I know people who were declined by UF who had 4.0 GPA’s, 5.0 HPA’s 1400 SAT scores (back in 2008 when 1600 was the highest score), 3 jobs, 400 hours of community service… and people who were accepted with 3.5 GPA’s, 4.0 HPA’s 1200 SAT’s and no community service… but guess what? Their parents were rich UF alumni who donated thousands of dollars every year to the school. Interesting, don’t you think? Seems to me that, while their admission criteria may be top of the line, they can easily be bargained with to lower those requirements, if the price is right. While UF degrees may have more credibility than UCF, that is by no means due to lack of education at UCF. It’s due to 110 more years of establishment at UF.To accomplish what we have in the mere 48 years we’ve been around is far more than most schools can claim.

    And on to the crimes. Not sure if you remember this, but during Urban Meyers 4 years, there were 21 arrests made for a total of 24 different crime cases. 9 of those charges were felonies. UF has recently had investigations done on fraternities for rape.

    What’s even funnier is, here you are saying “you have a life” and it’s “so awesome”… yet you’re commenting on a UCF student-written article at 1:00 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

  11. My points are not ridiculous, they are clear, logical and concise. There is nothing retarded about what I have said, it is obvious and commonly known that UCF is a diploma mill that offers a poor mans version of a college experience. Your assertions on UCF’s acceptance requirements are dead wrong and I would not expect much from someone naïve enough to defend such a pitiful “institution” anyway. I am not an elitist prick at all. I am just better than you. I do not take particular joy in this, its just a simple matter of fact. I can not get a life because I already have one and it is exceedingly excellent.
    You on the other hand suffer from an acute condition of stupidity. Calling me a troll for stating the obvious is silly, but what is even sillier is you labeling this website as a school newspaper. That is a slap in the face and insult to my little sisters elementary school student run newletter. It appears that you must hate your life and if you are attending UCF you have good reason. UF kids are smart enough to do coke and be successful in life. Rape allegations are one thing, but to make a girl sodomize you should be a capital offense. It is beyond depraved and disgusting and only a school like UCF could cultivate such a miscreant. We are in a real conference called the SEC so you should understand that our athletes are paid professionals and not role models for low caliber students like yourself. I am trying to educate people, hopefully they can avoid making the mistake of spending hard earned Burger King money on UCF tuition. Rape is tragic, that’s why UCF should be shut down before more degenerates are created and unleashed upon the world.

  12. I want to know how he forced her to sodomize him, sounds like he got brutally raped to me. This guy should run for office.

  13. UF,
    To start off, you’re argument is ridiculous and retarded in itself. If you’re making these claims based on UCF’s acceptance requirements, than you’re also stating that every other public university in Florida (besides UF of course, you elitist prick) is a “diploma mill”, as UCF has matched FSU’s requirements and surpassed the other schools (e.g fau, usf, unf).
    Secondly, get a life. You’re trolling on another school’s student run news paper. Either that, or you go to UCF and you hate your life, s2s.
    However, if you do go to UF, I’m sure you’re aware of the massive coke problem, the multiple rape allegations in the past year involving greek life and others, and as someone else mentioned, the ridiculous scandals involving your student athletics.

    Clearly you’re just trying to piss people off… which is seriously pathetic and sad as the median you’re using is an article involving something as tragic as rape…

  14. There are countless felons going to ucf, it is a magnet for low lifes that can’t get in to other schools. It is a community college. Calling it a university is like calling dominos pizza cuisine. It is a diploma mill, they accept and graduate as many students as possible. It is a four year walmart with professors. No employer takes this school seriously, it is far worse than a joke.

  15. this is bullshit. he didn’t do a damn thing, girls are just stupid and easy and call rape when they realize THEY messed up.

  16. I knew Aaron growing up and I’m not surprised. He was pretty intelligent, but spoiled and sheltered. I just knew one day he was going to lash out like this because he had a sense of entitlement about him that said he deserves whatever he wants.

  17. Ucf admissions is far from a joke. You can’t even get in w/ Cs and Ds on your transcipt so I doubt they would let felons in. Every school has their bad seeds as well as UF. Stop bashing a school when you have no legit reason too.

  18. The evidence keeps mounting that ucf is a school for degenerate, loser, scum. It caters to those who are not intelligent or financially able to go to a better school. It is known to employers as a diploma mill and a degree from ucf is considered on par with a community college degree. It is and always will be a bush league operation. The admissions process is a joke, god knows how many felons and deviants are let in every year. Transfer out before it is too late, you are wasting your money and a 4th rate education at best.

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