A University of Central Florida student named Aaron Floyd is accused of brutally raping a woman he met on the Match.com dating website — then forcing her to buy the “morning after pill” and swallow it in front of him.


Floyd, 22, is an industrial engineering student at UCF, according to Facebook. Authorities aren’t releasing the age of his alleged victim, who agreed to meet him for dinner at Orlando Alehouse in Sanford after he asked her sexual questions which made her uncomfortable a day earlier, according to the arrest report.

Aaron Floyd, Match.com Rape Suspect

The day after the dinner, May 14, is when deputies say the woman came to Floyd’s Oviedo apartment on Tattinger Lane. What started as watching TV together turned into seemingly innocent kissing, before somehow escalating into a brutal rape, where Floyd forced the woman to have sex with him, touched her inappropriately and forced her to sodomize him, according to the arrest report.


After the alleged rape, investigators say Floyd forced the woman to drive with him in his vehicle to buy the morning after pill from a local pharmacy. He forced her to take the pill with water, the report states. The woman got in her own car after Floyd drove her back to his apartment, contacted her mother and then reported the alleged sexual battery to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Floyd was arrested and booked into the Seminole County jail. KnightNews.com is working to track Floyd down and ask him about these charges and give him the chance to respond.