If you thought you’re day was stressful, it’s probably nothing compared to what the thousands of aspiring law school students taking the LSAT are going through.

At 12:30 p.m. today, Monday, June 6, those hoping to get into law school will take one of the most grueling admissions tests there are.

Law schools use the LSAT and your undergraduate GPA as major factors in determining whether you’ll be admitted to law school. You can use this LSAT calculator to see what law school your GPA and LSAT score may get you into to.

KnightNews.com has learned the University of Central Florida is one of the schools hosting the LSAT test today. Students should be on alert to remain quiet on campus today, to avoid disrupting the test.

Students are allowed to cancel their scores after the LSAT, if they decide they don’t want to have it scored and cancel the score by the deadline.