MTV is planning to shoot a show about sex at the University of Central Florida, and is advertising that its casting UCF students for the show.

The show is hosted by sex columnist Dan Savage, who has been touring other universities across the nation for his planned MTV show, Savage University. He set up a Facebook page about his trip to UCF, which states, “MTV and Dan are coming to UCF and are interested in your stories, questions, tips & ideas when it comes to students, sex, dating, relationships and hookups.”


Savage and his producers are looking to find out what makes UCF special when it comes to sex and relationships. He’s also advertising that he’s trying to uncover the “sexual pulse” of UCF, what students believe is “too much” or “too little” sex, whether students are settling down or hooking up, and if UCF students “sexperiment.”

The advertisements make it clear “no topics are taboo” and welcome all views and perspective. Savage set up a twitter page for the UCF event, where he posted a picture of a flier promoting the event containing the logos of UCF’s Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board.

The flier says filming will happen from Nov. 14 – Nov. 17, both on and off campus. It asks students who are interested in appearing on the MTV show about sex to send a recent photo, name, phone number, along with a relevant question or story to