This Thursday nearly 100 UCF students met at UCF’s Fairwinds Alumni Center to protest the decisions being made by several Central Florida Legislative Delegates who were meeting at UCF.

Several key issues being rallied against included rising tuition at public universities, cuts to the Bright Futures Scholarship program and the passing of bill HB1355 which is said to hinder students’ ability to vote.


Check out the video of the “Occupy UCF” protesters trying to make their point.


  1. @Jon McLeod we go to a public university. The tuition rates are carefully regulated by the legislators being protested. the tuition increases are arbitrarily decided by our legislators, not by supply and demand.
    @The changes so you are saying that people who cannot afford a tertiary education should not get one, simply because we cannot afford it, or that we should not tell our Representatives that we do not approve of their policies. democracy is all about making your voice heard. there are many ways to do this and protesting is one of them, and the fact that you are against protesting makes me ask you,

    Do you hate freedom?

  2. I am really proud of #RISEUPUCF students! I have to fight for my disabled college son too, Governor Rick Scott and his yesmen/ yeswomen want corporations to have a free ride in Florida even while making Floridians suffer. Recently, State Rep. Randolph sent out an email that shows that Governor Scott is even against closing a loophole in FL sales tax law for out-of-state online businesses that do not have to collect FL sales tax for our state’s revenue, and yet same online companies do NOT provide jobs to Floridians and even compete against Florida businesses. And I read a current article where there are 30,000 Saudi students in USA higher-learning institutions on their government’s scholarships, while their American counterparts struggle financially in the same USA universities and colleges!

  3. Were you all shocked to find that like all other goods and services, education is in fact subject to the laws of economics? Or have you yet to discover this?

  4. If you don’t like how much tuition has gone up, then drop out. If you are happy with the education you are getting, then transfer. If you want more bright futures, go to Seminole or Valencia where classes are smaller and cheaper. Don’t annoy everyone with your stupid protest.
    Complaining about unemployment, there are jobs out there, people just don’t want to do them. I drive 50 miles round trip to work a job I get paid 8.12 and hour for, and I am lucky enough to love my job. You may have to be a dishwasher or busboy, but it’s a job.

  5. I mean I was there, I helped plan the event, and know exactly what I was protesting. Im protesting how college tuition had risen 700% over inflation since 1970. I’m protesting how the unemployment rate for 20-25 year olds in Orlando is a shocking 23.7%. How were graduating with an average of 18,699 dollars in student loans from UCF, yet are coming out of school with incredibly low job prospects. How the America our parents knew is looking less and less like the America we’re going to know. I understand you might disagree with our assessment, perhaps you thinkits fine that college tuition is being more and more of a burden on our generation. Perhaps you think the budget needs to be balanced, and making young people pay more is preferable to corporate taxes or creating an income tax. Whatever, I really dont care about your position. But don’t pretend we dont know what were protesting, because if you watched the video we made it very clear.

  6. The protest was meant to showcase the fact that students will not let cuts to the education programs go unnoticed and then let these legislators come to the campus like heroes. If these legislators really cared for the people, they would not have snuck out the back door like they did.

    I am a Hispanic student who has been an American citizen since the day I was born. I am just looking for a decent and equal shot at a great future like everyone else. But if we do not hold these politicians accountable then who will???

  7. There will always be criticism towards any protest. You probably would have criticized the Sons of Liberty if you lived in their time. Good job Rise Up UCF. If you don’t like it, why complain about it?

  8. @ Oblivious. Did you actually bother to talk to any of us? I a guessing not. Yes everyone there knew why we were there. Everyone was aware of the cause and since you WERE NOT THERE and DID NOT talk to any of us, you have NO room to talk and speculate about how “oblivious” we are. We had a cause. How is it fair that a student who worked her BUTT off for 100% bright future, suddenly gets it cut? That is not fair.

    You just sound like another ass on the internet. That is all.

  9. Nobody is going to take you guys seriously while you’re directly aligned with the College Democrats, Occupy UCF, and SLAP (aka college communists). From What I understand, this protest here today seems not like a bad idea, but everybody assumes it’s another occupy protest. I don’t think you’re going to find a college student that is FOR tuition hikes, but when you’ve got the College Dems and Occupiers around, you won’t get your point across.

  10. What a bunch of losers. 58,000 students at the University of Central Florida and 100 show up? That’s .001%. 99% MY ASS. Go to class and study for finals like everybody else and maybe why don’t you OCCUPY A JOB for a change

  11. I love the complete dismissing of what the rally was about as well as saying “we blocked the way to getting to class”. What choke point did we stand at that prevented you from getting to class?

    As well, what good is making the “best of losing Bright Futures” when losing it means you can no longer go to classes? Besides, if you are hurting so badly for college that taking two hours out of one day is going to cause you to fail your course, you might want to rethink your study habits.

  12. I think all of it is silly and I don’t mean the protesting, I mean the protesters. If you were to separate them and ask them what exactly they were protesting about, what was happening, what they wanted and how to proactively go about getting it, I bet more than half of them couldn’t even tell you. Some people just like being a part of something and protesting right now is the “cool thing to do”. Our parents and our grandparents generations protested and I mean legitimately protested. They protested Vietnam, they protested Civil Rights, protesting was a part of their life not because it was the cool thing to do but because there was really something to protest about and their voices were not being heard. I understand the “Occupy Movement” and all the power to you for standing up for what you believe to be unjust and unfair, but when you decide to protest, protest because there is a severe injustice that you want fixed and you want fixed now. If you want to see a real protest about tuition, check out the ones that happened in London. Those Brits were tired and they were having none of their government and their tuition hikes.

  13. @Pointless, we have the largest university in the entire state and about 100 protestors got you “annoyed” and “made you late to class”? Wow, you need to explore campus a little more dude, find some alternative routes. And the “point” of the gathering was not to march, although the march was to raise awareness of the issues at hand. The march marked the ending of the protest in front of the UCF Alumni Center where, if you read the first sentence of this article, you would know that the VERY SAME legislatures who preach about cuts to education, cuts to universities, cuts to financial aid and increases in tuition had THE NERVE to come to UCF grounds and tout their “great accomplishments.” You are a student at a PUBLIC university, not a private one. You probably also take in financial aid in one form or another. You should have been by us, not mocking us the way the legislatures did.

    And as a note to the author of the article Jacob Sadowsky, this was not an “Occupy UCF” event. The event was a coalition of several registered student organizations listed on the Facebook Event and Occupy UCF was simply one of them.

  14. In response to the “pointless” post, how bright is your bright futures looking after the cuts? How many jobs do you work to pay off your tuition/debt? It isn’t fair to students who have studied and worked hard in high school to get to college and not have bright futures to help alleviate costs. Tolerence will only enable a slippery slope. Students protesting are trying to make public that they are not okay with what is happening and do not intend to be passive about their assaults on our education aka our futures.

    We are an inclusive peaceful movement. Slander of any kind only brings about negativity and what we are up against is negative enough. Put aside your assumptions, read from credible sources, and get rallied up! The time for change is now!

  15. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with what they are doing at all. Walking to class, they were marching and saying that education is a right, while they were probably skipping class, not studying for their finals, and making me late to class because they were blocking the way. Even with bright futures being cut, make the most of it by actually going to class and studying, not wasting your time by annoying other people and walking around.

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