had the opportunity to interview one of the most popular Youtube celebrities, Jimmy Tatro. Famous for many videos like his ‘Frat Life’ video and his Total Frat Move videos like ‘S*** Frat Guys Say’.

Tatro attends the University of Arizona and has reached over a million views on many of his videos. asked him about college, his videos, and even the possibility of him someday taking over for UCF’s alumni Daniel Tosh.


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Jake Rakoci: The original Frat Life video was your first big hit, when did you realize that you might be on to something big?


Jimmy Tatro: Well my freshman year when I started composing all of the quotes for the video I had a feeling it would get pretty big just based off of how funny I knew that video would be, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to get my youtube channel started.

Jake Rakoci: Have you been making videos your entire life? Or was it more of a spontaneous thing when you got to college?

Jimmy Tatro: I’ve pretty much been making videos my entire life. They probably started when I was around 9 or 10 and I used to make skate videos with my friends back when I was convinced that if I didn’t make it to the NBA I would be forced to become a professional skateboarder. After those, me and my buddies used to just make dumb videos of little sketches and stuff like that, but I didn’t actually learn to start making quality videos until high school. I took a TV Production class and taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro and I haven’t stopped making videos since. I used to be on the school tv show at my high school and all I wanted to do was make funny videos and funny news stories. My TV Production teacher however, was under the impression that the school wanted to see a serious news show so she hated me because all I did was make funny videos. It was extremely frustrating to have the videos but not have an outlet to show everyone my funny videos. That’s why I like youtube so much, I can do whatever the hell I want.

Jake Rakoci: Many of your videos have over 500k views, which one is your personal favorite?

Jimmy Tatro: I’d have to say my personal favorite is either “Lemme Holla” or “How to Start a Bro Fight”. Lemme Holla was done back when I was still filming on a Flip camera so the quality of the video isn’t as good but I think it’s the funniest. How to Start a Bro Fight is just so accurate, and anyone who has been to a douche infested high school or college party knows exactly what I’m talking about haha.

Jake Rakoci: Talking about quotes from your videos, which is the one you hear the most?

Jimmy Tatro: “Make a video about it!” That one got old after like the first week

Jake Rakoci: You’re obviously involved in Greek Life at your school, why did you choose to rush Pike?

Jimmy Tatro: I’m actually not in Pike haha, I’m in Pi Kappa Phi. I rushed mainly because all my friends who had already been attending UofA told me that was the only way to go so I thought I’d check it out. Also a bunch of my good friends told me they were rushing so I thought it might be more than what I thought it was. Before I joined a fraternity, I could not have been more opposed to it, I thought it would just be paying to hang out with a bunch of cocky meatheads, but once I checked it out and met the guys who are now some of my best friends, I realized there’s a lot more to it than that, and it’s probably one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. Every fraternity has their cocky meatheads though, they’re quite entertaining people.

Jake Rakoci: Do you think you have to be Greek to have a good time in college?

Jimmy Tatro: Well, I’ve been in greek life pretty much since I’ve been in college so I don’t really know any other way to go but you can definitely have a good time in college no matter what you’re involved in, you just gotta be involved in something. But I will say greek life is definitely a one of a kind opportunity that gives you experiences that you really can’t get anywhere else and that’s what I appreciate about it.

Jake Rakoci: Rumor has it that you may take over for Tosh.o, is any of this true?

Jimmy Tatro: Not that I’ve heard of but i’d definitely be down.

Jake Rakoci: Finally, I have to ask this question. What is your chill-to-pull ratio?

Jimmy Tatro: Only McCoy knows.