After heavy anticipation from house heads throughout the world waiting to hear the Swedes’ latest talent, John Dahlbäck finally appeased their wishes and dropped his latest album Toolroom Knights just 24-hours ago. And to no surprise, it was just as good as expected.

The album features three new exclusives including ‘Feel It’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘Escape,’ as well as 38 tracks including Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner’s collaboration of “Conscindo” and Oliver $’s ‘Granulated Soul,’ along with several other mixes filled with infectious sounds and rolling beats.

To find out Dahlbäck’s inspiration behind Toolroom Knights, I briefly caught up with the world-class DJ on his release date.

1. What was your inspiration behind Toolroom Knights?
I wanted to take on a journey. The first CD starts off with the kind of music I fell in love with 10 years ago, but now with a more updated tech and house sound. The second CD takes over where I left the first one off. The whole compilation then ends with where I am at today, which is dirty house.

2. How did you decide what songs to include and remix? What made you choose Mark Knight and Wolfgang Gartner’s “Conscindo” and Oliver $’s “Granulated Soul” on this album?
“Conscindo” is one of Mark Knight’s and Toolroom’s biggest tracks and it was a good fit with the rest of the music. “Granulated Soul,” which is on the first CD, is perfect because it’s so groovy and techy.

3. How do name your tracks?
Oh it depends. Could be completely random, based on a vibe I have that day, or it could be just an attempt to be funny.

4. You have a solid February tour, what else do you have planned for 2012?
I have many huge tracks coming out this year. My track “Life”
will be released very soon and it has received great feedback so far.
Other than that, I plan to keep on touring.

5. Can we hope to see you during Miami Music Week this year?
I hope for the same.

In support of Toolroom Knights, Dahlbäck is scheduled to tour throughout the U.S. during the month of February, stopping at high-end clubs, including Miami’s Amnesia on Saturday, February 18.