According to a report from the Orlando Sentinel, the NCAA has extended the deadline for UCF to respond to recruiting violation allegations that the program was hit with back in November of last year.

The recruiting infractions regarding the UCF football and basketball teams led to the resignations of former Athletic Director Keith Tribble and UCF assistant football coach David Kelly.

UCF originally had 90 days to respond to the allegations, but UCF spokesman Grant Heston said the NCAA agreed to extend the deadline to Feb. 20 at the request of another party involved in the investigation.

The NCAA determined that the mentor of current UCF senior point guard A.J. Rompza, Ken Caldwell was affiliated with a professional agent. That led to Rompza’s 12-game suspension for receiving improper benefits and he was ordered to return the $900 he received.

Now, UCF will have until the 20th to respond to the allegations, and the NCAA will determine whether the school’s self-imposed penalties will be enough or if they will punish them further.