Though the world may call him “Laidback Luke,” his sets are anything but Laidback. Currently on a seven-week bus tour throughout North America to promote his latest single, “Speak Up!” featuring Wynter Gordon, the Dutch Phillipeno DJ is scheduled to bring his high-energy, eclectic sets to Miami all week long.

Playing sold-out parties throughout the week and the main stage at Ultra Music Festival on Saturday, we at can’t wait to party with him so we had Luke (literally) Speak Up about his plans, in anticipation for this week’s craziness. Check the interview below.


Your Speak Up! Bus Tour just launched, what are you most excited for?

I’m very excited to hit the college market actually! We recently discovered that I’ve been missing out on 800,000 college students, so we’re tapping into that market now. The bus is looking sick and it sleeps quite comfortably too.

What was your inspiration behind your latest track?

My remix of Wynter Gordon’s single ‘Dirty Talk’ was such a club monster for me, so I wanted to do my own track with her after that single. Basically “Speak Up!” is the follow up to “Turbulence,” but with a vocally edge, bringing the raw dance floor power.

Next week, your tour will stop in Miami to play multiple shows during Miami Music Week. What are you looking forward to most during this crazy long-week of electronic dance music?

I can’t choose! I’m doing three shows during MMW and they’re all epic. I mean, my Super You&Me night at LIV is legendary and my Mixmash Records pool party at the National was the biggest party for me last year. Both my events have been sold out for a while now. I really can’t pick one. It’s going to be crazy, that’s for sure!

One of the most popular and anticipated parties held during MMW is your Super You&Me Party at LIV. Can you tell me a little about it?

I started the Super You&Me concept to bring the fun back into dance music. Especially in Europe, the scene was getting way too serious at one point.
 I feel the most fun nights are when you have crazy stupid fun with your friends, so that’s what I’m looking for at my Super You&Me parties.
 We have a dress code though, but it adds up to the fun! You can dress up as your own, or favorite superhero, or even a banana. With Super You&Me, it’s
all about the epic energy. The feeling you can take on the world, the ultimate feeling of letting go! The feeling that not only the DJ can take on the world,
but you can too, like a superhero would.

Do you plan on going to any parties or checking out any DJs?

If I have the time, yes! I’m off on Friday, but definitely going to check out my fiancé Gina Turner’s Below
The Bassline party. I might go by Afrojack’s party on Saturday too. I’ll be on a very busy schedule so I’ll just live by the moment. But MMW is definitely the place to check out what the fellow DJs are up to. We don’t really get a chance like that during the rest of the year.

What advice can you give to MMW virgins?

Drink a lot of water. Beware the doormen too; come to a party early, as it gets really hectic and the doormen can get cranky. Also, don’t wear shorts to a club — I’ve tried that. They won’t let you in.