has covered how Adderall has become a popular “study drug” at UCF that many students take illegally — especially during final exam time.

Now a new study pill has surfaced, and this one doesn’t require a prescription, according to NBC2 news in Ft. Myers, which reports students at FGCU are happy with the new Adderall alternative, called ADDTabz. See their report below:

According to the ADDTabz website, the pill “uses Ampheta-CDP as it’s active compound. Ampheta-CDP is the amplified hybrid of Ampheta-HCL. Ampheta-HCL is widely regarded as the most advanced and effective Synthetic Amphetamine (non-prescription pharmaceutical) in the world with use in multiple products sold throughout the globe.”


If you have used this alternative to Adderall, email us at to let us know how it worked.