has covered how Adderall has become a popular “study drug” at UCF that many students take illegally — especially during final exam time.

Now a new study pill has surfaced, and this one doesn’t require a prescription, according to NBC2 news in Ft. Myers, which reports students at FGCU are happy with the new Adderall alternative, called ADDTabz. See their report below:

According to the ADDTabz website, the pill “uses Ampheta-CDP as it’s active compound. Ampheta-CDP is the amplified hybrid of Ampheta-HCL. Ampheta-HCL is widely regarded as the most advanced and effective Synthetic Amphetamine (non-prescription pharmaceutical) in the world with use in multiple products sold throughout the globe.”


If you have used this alternative to Adderall, email us at to let us know how it worked.


  1. I just snort like 4 of these and it gets me going! Being a former crack addict, I’m always looking to tweak out and since I’m currently under house arrest, its awesome to have these legal things delivered right to my door. Too bad they don’t come in watermelon flavor LOL. I would suggest mixing them with a few 40s of Mickey’s or OE if you’re really wanting to get messed. That makes for one crazy night!

  2. I looked over all of the information at and it seems legitimate, for the use it’s intended for. Is it something that you should stop getting your prescription Adderall for? No. It seems perfect for students who think they NEED Adderall and are taking it illegally who need something to help them focus. I’m no doctor (though I once imagined that I played one on TV) so if you’re considering taking it you should talk to your doctor first. I sent the website to my doctor and he said he did not see anything wrong with the ingredients in the product and there was “some scientific evidence to support” that it could indeed do what it says it does.

  3. It will be very interesting to see what happens with this new compound, since it doesn’t have to be approved by the FDA. If the college students are noticing it is effective and not abusing prescription drugs as a result, I see that as a positive thing, especially with the adderall shortage that is going on right now. I am assuming this product will be in GNC or other health stores? I did find one site that is selling it already at so maybe I’ll try it out.

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