In the wake of the Dark Knight movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado, is learning of ties the University of Central Florida has to the area. We checked with UCF and the most recent data shows about 50 UCF students are from Colorado.

We also were sent a letter to the editor from two members of the UCF community who just graduated — and moved to Aurora just two weeks before the massacre. Those recent grads share how the Denver area has a large UCF community and give their take on the toll this tragedy has taken there in their letter, below:


To whom it may concern,

My girlfriend and I just moved out to Aurora, CO, two weeks ago, after graduating from UCF’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Both of us are undergraduate alums 08′ and Graduate alums ’12. Denver has a large UCF community in and around the suburbs of Denver. While I can not speak for all the UCF alumni out here, I am sure that they, just as we are deeply saddened about the tragedy. Even with the short time that we have spent out here we have grown very fond of Aurora and the people in it. There is a strong sense of community and camaraderie which is why this has really affected all the people of Colorado. From where we live right now we are about 3 miles away from the movie theater. While I do not know specifics about the shootings anymore than what has been reported I am seeing how the community is coping. I am seeing how the city, how the police and how the residents are handling the situation. Our community has been affected and lives have been changed out here. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. But for now I will ask that UCF adopt the Aurora Community into the Knights Family just as the Aurora Family adopted a couple of Knights into theirs.

Austin Dudas ’12
Ashley Garcia ’12 also stopped by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to get details on the steps local law enforcement is taking to keep theaters near UCF safe, like the one at Waterford Lakes, in the wake of this shooting. We found out more details on why OCSO is advising people who planned to wear costumes to the movies to change their plans: